Chocoladebar Mayana

Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 99, Gent
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Chocoladebar Mayana

Mayana, the chocolate bar: an indomitable passion for chocolate, its culture and history. Mayana is a chocolate bar that seeks out echoes of the power of nature and combines it with unique flavours and the craftsmanship of the chocolista.


Ice cream bowl Jacky Brown (vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, brownie, chocolate of your choice, topping (€ 7..5)
Mayana Cookie (€ 4.5)
Brownie Yolo (brownie, chocolate of your choice, topping (€ 7)
Chiquita Banana (fresh banana, whipped cream and your choice of chocolate (€ 7.5)
Lemonade Mayana (homemade lemonade based on elderflower, mint and lime) (€ 4.5)