Duroc D'olives

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Duroc D'olives

We owe it to the combination of the special Duroc breed and a balanced diet of pure cereals and olive oil. The Duroc pig has more fat between its muscles. This gives it its typical, marbled and extra tasty meat. The fact that our animals grow up without cages and live in spacious stalls with natural light makes a big difference. Because top-quality meat is only obtained if you take good care of the animals and treat them well!


Nacho box with pulled pork, guacamole, sour cream, cheddar, pine onion brunoise of tomato (€ 9)
White tripe with curry, sour apple and rumble crumble (€ 8)
Duroc d'Olives burger with fresh greens, fresh tartare (€ 9,5)
Duroc d'Olives burger wrap with fresh coleslaw (€ 9)