Full Circle Coffee

Zuidstationstraat 5, Gent www.fullcircleghent.com
Place-to-be for young & experienced chefs
Full Circle Coffee

It's a cosy coffee bar where you can sit down, drink coffee and relax or you can bring your laptop and find a comfortable seat to do some work while getting your daily dose of caffeine. 

Our baristas are excited to make the perfect cup for you. From cappuccinos to filter coffee, whatever you like. In the afternoon we like to spice things up a little by serving a selection of natural wines.  

We serve our home-roasted coffee and use Oatly or Sproud for all milk-based drinks and all our donuts, pie and other sweets are vegan too.


Cappuccino (€ 3,5 )
Latte (€ 4,5)
Americano (€ 3)
Chai Latte (€ 5 )
Pink Latte (€ 5)
Matcha Latte (€ 5 )
Golden Latte (€ 5 )
Hot Chocolate (€ 5 )