Hoy Pinoy

Dampoortstraat 47, Gent www.hoypinoygent.com
On your plate, the Ghent world cuisine
Hoy Pinoy

We want to represent Filipino cuisine with a modern twist. We hope to reintroduce unfamiliar Filipino flavours that we find interesting and present them in unusual ways.


Veggie homemade springrolls (€ 6,5)
Pork homemade springrolls (€ 7,5)
Chicken springrolls (€ 7,5)
Signature adobo fries (€ 7,5)
Gua bao: pork glazed gochujang, hoisin with pickled garden radish (€ 8)
Gua bao: braised beef asado with pickled cucumber (€ 8 )