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We are Lukas Mornie, Nigel Bottequin and Maxim Nachtergaele, three entrepreneurial students of Business Management at Ghent's Arteveldehogeschool. As part of our bachelor's thesis, we conceived the plan to launch our own beer on the market, Pèrde! Each possessing a different background and area of expertise, we look at our start-up through our own glasses.

In collaboration with the Ghent brewery BeerSelect, the foundations were laid for a unique Belgian blond tripel, with a dandelion extract as flavouring, hence the name Pèrde. 

In addition to our Blonde Tripel, we added a little sister, the Pèrde Rouge. This dandelion- and cherry-based beer is the perfect counterpart with its red colour and soft-sweet taste.

So Pèrde has something for everyone. We are bursting with enterprise and are therefore very honoured to be able to sell our products at Gent Smaakt. We look forward to seeing you all there and have a scoop in store for you: Pèrde ice creams!


Pèrde Tripel (€ 4.5)
Pèrde Rouge (€ 4)
Pèrde Rouge ice cream (€ 1)
Tapas plate (€ 10)
Cheese plate (€ 6)
Salami plate (€ 6)